Home Office – Opening Our Doors to Working Fabulously & in Style at Our Homes

Home Office – It’s that room dedicated to our work and meetings and where some hard decisions are made luxury dining chairs.

Working from home is so popular these days that there’s a growing emphasis on creating that ‘office’ that is focused on style & design. As we are spending more and more working time from home, today’s home office has evolved into a stylised showpiece. It’s becoming an intimate place but still has its own personality.

When you are renovating your home office, you need to go for a functional plan with the space divided into the work zone and a meeting area. Make your plan simple, logical and functional. The renovation process would involve the office setup reconfiguration, the wiring, the lighting, the furniture pieces, the accessories, the updated finishes.

The overall aesthetic could be light, airy, contemporary or a breezy or bold style with a mix of old and new design.

Comfort is just as important in today’s home office – we can soften the look and feel with luxurious fabrics, comfy seating and warm colours for you when you are working or for your visitors who inevitably will meet you in your home office space. Must-haves would include ample space for work and that sense of calm when visitors meet.

Yes, our renovation should complete with that stylistic makeover with the primary workplace looking good but at the same time, it’s got to work, too. Remember it’s still very much a work space but it’s also about the enjoyment of working in it.

Whether we are working or meeting with visitors, the mere pleasure of a nice and welcoming home office will entice us and will always be bringing us home no matter what.

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