Working in digital gym equipment can improve your fitness levels much better than mechanical equipment. I say it for several reasons. The first among them is the precision control you have over the functionality of the equipment.

EHealth Rowing Machine

Let me take the example of a rowing machine. I had been working on a mechanical version, which was of course great. But I did not know when to accelerate, stop, slow down or make adjustments to my workout patterns.  The arrival of digital version changed the entire equation. Let me tell you how.

The digital display unit shows the speed at which I am rowing. I saw about 7 or 8 control buttons for controlling resistance, speed, angle, acceleration, and other factors. The devices you get to see today have the highest level of sophistication in their architecture. For example, you can consider the footrests. They are comfortable and safe. They have a couple of belts which can hold your feet tight. You can push peddles without having to stress out your legs.  The rowing handle is very much similar to that of a small rowing-boat.  As you push and pull, the seat moves back and forth. Your body stretches from the feet to the head on the seat.

Rowing is a great exercise for your entire body, especially the hips and abs. You can shed weight, burn fat, and get slimmer. In the beginning, you may find it a bit tough to work on the rower due to rigidity in your body. However, your body gets conditioned to the workout within the first two or three days.

EHealth Treadmill

The treadmill is powerful equipment for shaping your legs and thighs. It can burn fat from the abs to the legs. You may choose a treadmill with or without supporting handle. The most important part is the walking board. You should be able to adjust the inclination angle with the ground. You should also be able to adjust the resistance factors. It makes you push the board harder while walking and jogging.

Digital treadmill has easy controls to adjust all the parameters with the push of a few buttons. The display unit shows you the values accurately. You can increase or decrease the walking speed according to your convenience.

I suggest you work on the treadmill for a minimum of 15 to 20 minutes every day. The main benefit of working is for your spine. If you have lower back pain, it can heal within a few weeks of training. Circulating systems become active and the central nervous system gets a boost. You can remain active through the day without any signs of fatigue.

EHealth Diet

You need to have a healthy diet plan for getting the maximum possible benefits from these two EHealth devices. You can consult your nutrition advisor or wait for my next articles on EHealth and diet practices in the next sessions. Keep working out your exercises for slimming and improving your fitness levels from today.

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