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Last week I was reading an interesting article on the popularity of chiropractic treatments in the USA and around the world. The author is a well-known physiotherapy expert, who turned into a chiropractor 10 years ago. While acknowledging the growth of chiropractic methods, he also stated its slow rate of acceptance among the people between 30s and 50s. The article had ended with the note. I became curious and wanted to discover what the causes were. I wrote an email to him and got a prompt reply. Here are the excerpts for you.

Chiropractic Nutrition

He said there was a lack of awareness among the age group about the nutrition program. He also specified the food pattern among this group, which consisted of plenty of unhealthy fat, cholesterol, spices, and beverages.

Raw Veggie Foods

Chiropractic experts focus mainly on the raw veggies for ingesting the maximum nutrient quantity. For example, you can consider beet and broccoli. He told me to eat raw beet every morning before breakfast. Making a salad with beet, cucumber, tomato, onion, and lemon slices could be an ideal choice according to his opinion.

I thought of asking him how it really works because I had recently undergone chiropractic treatments for my lower back pain. But I stopped short and decided to try the recipe for a few days. Well, it worked for me as I could experience reducing stress on my spine and lower back. I was able to go for my morning walks without any problems.

More Fish than Meat

I started receiving regular emails from him from that day. Every email consisted of detailed information about the food, per-meal volume, frequency of meal, and other information. His focus has been on eating fish like salmon, catfish, halibut, snapper, and sardines.

Boiled fish is better than fried fish. You can add soy sauce or other sauces with healthy spices like ginger, pepper, garlic, bay leaf, and cinnamon. You have to be careful about the volume of salt because it could affect the blood pressure rate.

He did not advise me to stop eating meat, rather lower the frequency to once a week. Avoiding red meat until the spinal cord pain reduced was one of his special instructions. Well, I followed the instructions consistently and got good results. I have been following the instructions even today.

Fruits for Health

Kiwi is one of the main fruits he recommended. It contains more vitamin C and potassium. Both are required for the spinal health Para-Spinal muscles. The other fruit he recommended was watermelon. It can burn fat without producing heat within your body. Banana and jackfruits can also provide you with plenty of proteins and vitamins.

He advised me to consume fruit juices only in the morning and evening. It is better to eat the fruits in the form of a salad. Adding dry fruits and cream as garnishing elements can keep the fat low and healing faster.


The nutrition list I have written here is from my practical experience. You have to consult your chiropractor and nutrition expert before starting with my plan.

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