Chiropractic is a unique therapeutic technique born out of the Metaphysics aspects of the human body. Mr. Daniel David Palmer founded the methods in the year 1895. Since then it had remained a lesser known treatment option among the doctors and patients. The 21st century therapeutic treatment methods have been revolutionized by the sophisticated procedures which are being explored by the alternate medicine and treatment practitioners. The key element of the treatment is spinal traction.  In this blog article, I shall introduce you to some of the key medical equipment used for chiropractic treatments.

Chiropractic Adjusting Tool

It is a simple handheld tool for making the spinal adjustments. It has an adjusting sleeve which can generate rotational thrust at the point of contact with the spine. You can turn it clockwise to increase the intensity and clockwise to reduce.

The experienced chiropractor can detect the problems in vertebral alignments through touch and scan. Then he identifies the points of misalignment. Then he places the device at the points and applies pressure. The torque from the device can adjust the spinal cord into the original position.

I have seen the device work effectively for many of the patients who come to me for treatments. Though it has been only a few months, since I have started using the device, the simplicity ahs made it possible to provide accurate treatments.

Chiropractic Traction Devices

Lower back pain has been one of the major problems among the adults and the middle aged people. It could be due to excess of stress, improper postures, insufficient nutrients, and others. Nearly all of the patients depend on prescription medications. They may suppers the pain for a short time. But the long term solution is yet to come from the conventional medical world. However, there is a solution with the chiropractic traction device.

What is it

The Chiropractic traction is a mechanical device similar to a portable sleeping bed. The traction devices are installed at the head and hip sections. The electronic gauge and an operating control give you the option to adjust the traction intensity and view it.

How it Works

You can adjust the upper portion to the neck and the middle portion with the lower back. Use the hand control to adjust the traction force. You may use one level of intensity for a particular time. Relax your body and mind while going through the treatment.

Don’t go beyond the maximum level of your comfort. The increase and decrease of intensity has to be gradual. Adjust the angles according to your convenience.

What are the Benefits

·         Healing of lower back pain

  • Preventive treatment for cervical disc degeneration
  • Healing of upper and lower lumbar problems
  • Heals shoulder and neck problems

As a chiropractor, I have been able to solve many of the other spine related issues like migraine, abdomen pain, and the pulling of leg muscles among athletes. Keep reading my posts on other medical equipment which you can use at home in the next articles.

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